Three Minute Leadership: Your Mood and Behaviors Drive Others’ Moods and Behaviors

We know that great leadership starts at the top in providing the direction, strategy and values of an organization. But there is much more that starts at the top as Daniel Goleman (the man who introduced the world to ’emotional intelligence’ ), Richard Boyatzis and Annie McKee in their book, Primal Leadership. It is the impact leaders have on their people and organization as conveyed by their moods and related behaviors.

“We found that of all the elements affecting the bottom-line performance, the importance of the leader’s mood and its attendant behaviors are most surprising. That powerful chain sets off a chain reaction: The leader’s mood and behaviors drive the moods and behaviors of everyone else. A crank and ruthless boss creates a toxic organization filled with negative under-achievers who ignore opportunities; an inspirational, inclusive leader spawns acolytes for whom any challenge is surmountable. The final link in the chain is performance: profit or loss.”

It is the leader who creates and defines the organization’s culture and work environment. The leader’s emotional intelligence plays a critical role in creating a climate of trust, information-sharing, risk-taking and learning. We now add to our awareness that we can ‘catch’ feelings from one another. As the authors say: “Moods that start at the top tend to move the fastest because everyone watches the boss.” This week have a greater awareness of your moods and their impact. We are human and we will all have our day because life happens. Take the step to change and watch the impact your mood and behaviors will have on everyone you touch and the great results they produce. And have fun doing it!!!

Have a beautiful day and a fantastic week!!!

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