Three Minute Leadership: What Will Be Your Legacy?

A friend recently shared with me a video of an incredible performance of a group of 5th, 6th, and 7th Graders, the Kings Firecrackers, from Ohio.  They are providng the half time entertainment for an Army Navy basketball game.  This short story (almost eight minutes) is a must see, not only for the unbelievable performance, but most importantly for the learnings it gives us about the boundless possibilities within each of us, and how one person (the same ‘each of us’) can change another person’s life.  It also suggests the question of legacy in life – our own, and what we have given others.


As you view the video, stand in the shoes of one of the students.  Feel the joy, exuberance and self-value they are experiencing knowing that they have excelled to a level of performance which they never believed possible, but which they found in themselves and in each other.  Stand in the shoes of the coach on the side-line.  Think of what he is feeling as the team puts on their extraordinary performance.  He helped each of them find the greatness and possibilities in themselves that they never knew existed.  He was their to help them join as a team and work as one – in perfect harmony and synchronization – and have an experience that will last a lifetime and influence their lives forever. 




What legacy will you leave?  What incredible possibilities and dreams are yet undiscovered within you?  What magnificent joy is yet to be found that you too will dance with excitement and enthusiasm on finding them?  And in your other role as a servant leader to others – your family, your business, your friends or those people who unexpectly, yet intentionally, are put into your life – whom will you help to find their own special greatness and possibilities?


Deepak Chopra writes:  “You and I are essentially infinite choice-makers.  In every moment of our existence, we are in that field of all possibilities where we have access to an infinity of choices.”  May you choose wisely and well.


Remember the joy on the students’ faces – for they have found that in dreams there are no impossiblities.  May your week and life be filled with amazing dreams – your own and the ones that you will help other create and see.


Have a beautiful day and a fantastic week!!!

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