Three Minute Leadership: Roads Less-Traveled

In Umesh Ramakrishnan’s book, There’s No Elevator to the Top, he speaks to leaders about taking less-traveled roads to enhance the richness and success of their professional career journey.  He cites the story of John Kealey, of iDirect, about taking these roads into unknown territory.  Ramakrishnan writes:

‘He used a climbing analogy to describe business careers.  In the early twentieth century, a career trajectory was like hiking up a mountain. You saw the summit and worked your way up, with your eye on the top the entire time. You knew where you were going.  ‘Now, we’re rock climbing,’ Kealey said, ‘We’re just kind of working our way up the side, not quite sure where we’re going or where that next turn is.  But if you’re smart and aggressive and opportunistic you find your way to the top.’  While it may not seem to be the fastest way, the most intelligent path between two point may not be a straight line.  Remember, there’s no elevator to the top.”

While Kealey’s words are presented in a business context, they provide us with a wonderful metaphor for creating our own life’s journey. If we remain on the same straight-and-narrow path, assuredly we will achieve our life’s goal – in our achievements and accomplishments and in our personal growth and development.  The road less-traveled, however, can provide a rich alternative – one that will give us gifts more beautiful: ones that will excite us, kindle our passion through its challenges, expand our boundaries to see and experience new possibilities, and in the process broaden and deepen our understanding of the world and people around us.  All these will enable us to discover the great treasures that lie within us.

Albert Schweitzer wrote:  “Success is not the key to happiness.  Happiness is the key to success.  If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.” As this week begins and you put your hand in place on the first rock on your climbing journey, think of the incredible opportunities that lie ahead.  Where will your other hand come to rest?  What new direction and new possibilities will it find?  Capture and relish the joy of this incredible journey that we can and will choose to fill with happiness on your own road less-traveled. 

Have a beautiful day and a fantastic week!!!

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