Three Minute Leadership: Becoming the Person You Choose to Be

In a recent article, Become the Person You Want to Be, Philip Humbert, author and leadership coach, shares his insights on how to achieve our greatest potential.  He acknowledges that change occurs within us overtime (e.g. skills, perspectives and lifestyle), and that we constantly struggle with breaking old habits to find new and more successful ones to succeed in a continuously changing world.  He quotes a well-knowing saying:  “We cannot achieve more until we become more.”  This “becoming” is our continuous journey of growth and development to achieve our fullest potential.  Humbert provides us the following insights to help make this journey exciting and successful:


  1. Personal development must be intentional. All organisms have a desire to thrive but it seems only humans must match that desire with an intentional choice. It’s easy to settle into a rut. It’s tempting to become “content” or lazy or comfortable. We must choose and intend to grow.
  1. Personal development requires investment. It takes effort! It requires drive, ambition, a “wild and crazy” belief that we can learn, grow, master new skills, and transform our lives. Not every adult believes that. Every child believes it–just watch them! But as adults we must decide if it’s “worth it.” Many settle for who they are and what they’ve got, and I’m sure they have their reasons. But others INVEST. Like kids learning to walk or read or ride a bike, they know the return on time and effort will expand their world forever.
  1. Personal development requires a plan. Few good things happen by accident. Personal development requires commitment to a specific outcome. Greatness is not the result of randomly experimenting in an impulsive or undisciplined way. Greatness comes from developing a natural gift, from pursuing a specific dream or goal. In a lifetime you can develop many dreams or talents, but excellence in each comes from a planned, persistent pursuit of your potential.
  1. Personal development requires learning. Before we are good at something, we must be willing to be bad at it. We must be willing to be clumsy, to be a beginner, an amateur. We must be willing to learn and be taught. We must read the books, take the classes, do the lessons, get the coaching. We must be with people who can help us. Adults often find that uncomfortable, even humbling, but it’s how we grow.
  1. Personal development requires daily action. Every day, read something useful. Turn off the television and listen to an audio program. Instead of a movie, attend a lecture. Take a class. Or pause to consider the lessons life is trying to teach you. Make your life a “journey of personal development” where you learn and try and push the limits in some small way, every single day.

His closing words provide us inspiration for action this week:  “Personal development doesn’t end until your last breath, but it starts right now. It begins with a simple willingness to notice what works, to think about where you’re going and how you’ll get there. It begins by doing more of what nourishes and fulfills you, less of what merely burns up time.” As the saying goes:  “We cannot achieve more until we become more.”  I wish you “more,” much, much “more” all the days of your life!


Have a beautiful day and a fantastic week!!!

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