What If….?

If there are two words in the great leaders’ toolbox that drive extraordinary, value-added change, be it in their professional or personal life or in the lives of those whom they serve, they are: “What if….?”  Their power is immense.  They create a mindset change, inviting an exploration of out-of-the-box thinking of alternative possibilities.  They allow great leaders to look at current realities, problems and issues and then, with a simple question, go beyond them – effortlessly, painlessly and at no cost to themselves – to see other avenues open to their resolution. The answers to their question are rich expressions of their individuality – how they see the world- so uniquely, differently and sometimes magically.

Thomas Edison wrote: “If we did the things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves.” There is a world of possibilities that exist in everyone.  “What if…” is the great leaders’ magical key to push the limits of their boundaries. Edison, the Wright brothers, Martin Luther King, Louis Pasteur, Steve Jobs… we can hear them all at that one magnificent moment of their life’s journey quietly whispering: “What if… ?”. And from that moment on, the world would change forever.  It is an exciting and wondrous moment each morning to dare to take those beautiful small steps.  May you dare to change your world and the world of those around at one magnificent moment in your life you asked: “What if… I choose to be more than I ever dreamed I could be?”  And you choose to be.  And you change life forever.

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