On Greatness

John Maxwell, leadership author and motivational speaker, shared the following quotes on greatness in his recent Leadership Wired email.

“Each of us is great insofar as we perceive and act on the infinite possibilities which lie undiscovered and unrecognized about us.” ~ James Harvey Robinson

“Success in life has nothing to do with what you gain in life or accomplish for yourself. It’s what you do for others.” ~ Danny Thomas

“It is our choices, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” ~ J.K Rowling

“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” ~ Mother Teresa

Self-knowledge and self-discovery, servant leadership, ownership and accountability and love and caring are the beautiful themes we read in their words. Leaders’ greatness is found and evidenced in every word, action, attitude and behavior in which they live their principles and values, stretch and challenge themselves and others to grow and learn and discover the infinite possibilities in the world around them and, most importantly, in themselves. As Mahatma Gandhi wrote: “As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world – that is the myth of the atomic age – as in being able to remake ourselves.” Be great in all that you do… be more than you ever dreamed you could be… in your success and your significance. William Hazlitt, English writer, said: “No man is truly great who is great only in his lifetime. The test of greatness is the page of history.” May your pages be magnificent!

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