Nothing Is Written

In the movie, Lawrence of Arabia, there is an unforgettable scene when Lawrence returns from his journey across the Nefud desert.  Lawrence was attempting to take the Turkish port of Aqaba from the rear.  It was considered an impossible undertaking.  Having accomplished this incredible journey across the scorching desert, Lawrence is informed that one of the Arabs, Gasim, had fallen off his camel. Lawrence is advised that any attempt to save him is futile. He is told that Gasim’s death is “written.”  Lawrence goes into the desert to find Gasim.  When he returns with him, Sherrif Ali says to him: “Truly, for some men nothing is written unless they write it.”

Great leaders have this deep sense of belief, purpose and commitment. For them, nothing is determined, nothing “written.”  Possibilities and what seems impossible is in their hands to mold and create.  “Nothing is written unless they write it.”  May this be your mantra in life.   Remember the words of Gregory Maguire, author: “Remember this: Nothing is written in the stars.  Not these stars, nor any others.  No one controls your destiny.” Let your writings be magnificent – words and acts filled with daring, adventure, joy and caring. It is all in your hands and nothing will happen until you choose to write it. Choose wisely; choose well. For you, nothing is “written,” until you write it.

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2 Responses to Nothing Is Written

  1. Douglas E Lemons says:

    The rest of the story goes like this. Gasim murders a member of Auda Abu Tayi’s tribe, Lawrence is forced to kill him with his own hands to prevent a blood feud on the eve of a successful operation. Auda Abu Tayi’s comment says it all–it is written.

  2. Dermot Mitchell says:

    Doesn’t Lawrence himself spit the line out when he returns, half dead, from the desert? “NOTHING is written!”

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