It’s Our Wake That Matters

In his recent blog post, The Secret to Expanding Influence by Wooing Hearts, Dan Rockwell shares his interview with Kip Tindell, CEO of The Container Store®. Rockwell asked Tindell: “What do you like to tell young leaders?” Tindell responded: “I like the wake thing. W-A-K-E like a boat’s wake. … Everything you do and everything you don’t do impacts the people around you … far, far, far more than you think it does. And isn’t that great? … Your wake is so powerful … That is so hopeful to me.”

What an awesome metaphor that powerfully demonstrates the rippling impact great leaders have on their business, family, community and those whom they serve! As St. Thomas Aquinas, Dominican theologian and philosopher, wrote: “If the highest aim of a captain were to preserve his ship, he would keep it in port forever.” May you always sail life’s beautiful and magnificent seas leaving your extraordinary wake on many shores. As Rockwell reminds great leaders: “Don’t worry about the size of your boat. Worry about the wake you leave behind.” Whether it be a small ripple or one the size of a large wave, it will have its fantastic impact.

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  1. Your Life is your Legacy…Make it Memorable !

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