Make It One Heck of a Summer

With the beginning of summer for those of us in the northern hemisphere Philip Humbert’s article, “Make It One Heck of a Summer,” and its message of carpe diem again comes to mind. I share this at the beginning of each summer as it continues to serve us well as a moment of reflection of the great possibilities and joys of the coming summer. In his article he talks about how he and his wife seemed to always have the same conversation about summer in October: “Oh, no!  Where did the summer go?” Moments later the house was filled with whining and moaning, a few complaints and exclamations that, “I can’t believe we let it get away again!” I believe his experience is similar to most of ours, and that come October, we may look back with similar regrets… if we don’t purposefully choose a summer filled with fun, relaxation and infinite possibilities for joy and happiness.

Humbert reminds us that we are in control. Our summer and how we will spend it is our hands. It is about goal setting – a plan, getting things on our calendar and locking-in on them. Human beings, he says, are by nature “goal-setting and goal-achieving creatures.” We set goals everyday – from the planning of our daily schedule to planning what we will eat during the week. So, if we are to have the greatest summer yet of our lives, we need to plan to make it the greatest. Start today. Circle dates on the calendar and mark them with things you want and love to do. Fill it up and let it overflow the brim. Live this summer as the greatest you have ever had! It is your beautiful and special life to live to its fullest. Stretch yourself to do new things and discover new possibilities and happiness – for you, your family and those around you. Set goals and make a check list of all those things you want to do, and do them. And in October, look back proudly with joy, happiness and extraordinary satisfaction at what you have achieved, learned and experienced. Happiness and success is in your choosing and doing. Choose wisely; choose well! Life is so very beautiful and good. Make yours one heck of a summer, my very dear friends! Make it one heck of a summer.

Have a beautiful day, a fantastic week and a joyous and magnificent summer!!!

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  1. Great comments on human being planning and goal setting. However, before we can establish a plan, and before we can even set a goal, we need to design our life. Design is where we get creative. Have you designed your summer. The concept of design combines themes with variations on those themes, and even some parts that may be outliers, or completely outside the theme, but complimentary. I hope you design a great summer for you one that guides you toward both happiness and achievement for yourself, and for others.

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