The Questions

In his book, Good Leaders Ask Great QuestionsJohn Maxwell shares the questions he believes good (may I suggest ‘great’) leaders should ask of themselves. Maxwell said he was inspired to develop them as the result of a conversation that he had with one of his mentors, John Wooden – a simple statement by Wooden to him: “John, there is one question I ask myself every day.” That simple sentence inspired him to develop his own list of questions – questions that great leadership should ask themselves.

  1. Am I investing in Myself? – A Question of Personal Growth
  2. Am I Genuinely Interested in Others? – A Question of Motivation
  3. Am I Grounded as a Leader? – A Question of Stability
  4. Am I Adding Value to My Team – A Question of Teamwork
  5. Am I Staying in My Strength Zone – A Question of Effectiveness
  6. Am I Taking Care of Today – A Question of Success
  7. Am I Investing My Time with the Right People? – A Question of ROI

Maxwell states that his questions “help me be successful by keeping myself growing, checking my motives, maintaining stability, promoting teamwork, leveraging my strengths, focusing on today and investing in the right people.” He asks great leaders to reflect: “What factors are most important to you for selecting and investing in leaders?” And he warns them gently with the words: “Remember, your leadership capacity and your legacy depend on the leaders you develop.” Remember the counsel of Albert Einstein: “The important thing is to never stop questioning… Question everything.”

And what was the one question that Coach Wooden asked himself every day?  It is: “Every day I ask myself, how can I make my team better?” Maxwell incorporated this into one of his daily leadership questions.

Have a beautiful day and a magnificent week!!!

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One Response to The Questions

  1. Jack Beach says:

    Another question leaders need to ask themselves is:

    “Am I exercising discipline when it comes to my calendar?” –A Question of Spending One’s Time on the Right Things.

    Perhaps this is implied in the 7 questions, but I think it needs to be explicit. Too often leaders, and especially senior leaders, lose control of their calendars and find their time is actually controlled by others and not by themselves. Leaders must focus on priorities and spend their time doing what they should be doing to get what they need to get done so their organization can flourish.

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