On the Value of the Stupid Pill

In a Blue Bloods TV episode, Garret Moore, the public information officer to the Commissioner says: “A wise woman told me that anytime I started to doubt my abilities I should take a stupid pill. Because then I could believe that I could accomplish anything.

These words are a strong reminder to great leaders of the importance of sometimes reframing their mindset – to forget what they believe and know, and open their mind to new possibilities, to see the world through a different lens and not be bound by their worldview. It is a proactive action filled with excitement and movement – a suspension of belief in search of something new and never dreamed. The same thought is captured differently in the words “the willing suspension of disbelief” – a choice for great leaders to admit a possibility and take action to explore it further.

The end result of both approaches is an openness to stretch and grow themselves and others, an opportunity as Max De Pree writes to “give each other space so that we may both give and receive such beautiful things as ideas, openness, dignity, joy, healing, and inclusion.” Remember always the words of Brianna Wiest: “If you carry the bricks of your past with you, you will build the same house.”

Garret’s friend called them ‘stupid pills’ for fun. Perhaps a more fitting name is the ‘Enlightenment Pill.’ Regardless of name, they are non-prescription and can be purchased over the counter. Just one pill, and you can believe that anything is possible. Try one… it may change your life forever… into something more beautiful than you ever believed or dreamed.

Have a beautiful day and a magnificent week!!!

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