The 5 Second Rule for a Happier New Year

Tony Robbins tells us: “The one thing we have in this world is we can’t control the events, but we can choose what to focus on, we can choose what things mean and we can choose what to do. Those three choices, those three decisions really control our life.” It is the great leader who takes extreme ownership of these choices, for they know that nothing, or everything, happens until they choose to act.

In her video, Retrain Your Mind, Mel Robbins states: “The way that our brains are wired and the fact about human beings, we are designed not to do things that are uncomfortable, or scary or difficult. Our brains are designed to protect us from those things.” Achieving great success, however, is almost always accomplished by doing the uncomfortable, going outside of our comfort zone and confronting  the difficult and scary. Robbins proposes a simple and powerful tool for great leaders in those exacting moments of choice – The 5 Second Rule.

The 5 Second Rule  states: “The moment you have an instinct (the ‘knowing’ that you should do something even if you don’t ‘feel’ like doing it) to act on a goal, you must push yourself to move within 5 seconds or your brain will kill it.” It is the countdown we give to ourselves – five, four, three, two, one and go – the decisive, few seconds to take action – to take control – before our survival brain kicks in to keep us in our comfort zone. Very simplistically, it could be our alarm clock ringing in the morning – a choice to get out of bed or press the snooze button a few more times. Five, four, three, two, one – a decision about what I should do or let my comfortable brain and human nature take the easier road and press the button. It can be a magnificent tool.  “Your life comes down to your decisions. You change your decisions; you change everything,” Robbins writes. And in five seconds, we have that power to change everything.

At the beginning of this beautiful new year of your magnificent life’s journey, may you pause and reflect on how you will define what success will be at its end – in the joy, beauty, happiness, wisdom and passion of who you are; in the dreams you made reality; in your inspiration and caring for those whom you serve; in your understanding or your life’s purpose and meaning; in your love of those who you touch; in your life and passion for all that life offers; in your love of the One who created you. May you choose to grasp and embrace every precious moment this New Year offers… with passion, love and caring. May it be our best year yet! The best is yet to come.

Have a beautiful day, a magnificent week and a Happy New Year!!!

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