Our Relentless Commitment to Never, Ever Give Up

Ceaselessness is a relentless passion to achieve. It embodies a mindset where obstacles are not perceived as insurmountable, but merely things to be overcome. It is a magical combination of resilience and persistence and one of the foundation pillars of great leadership.

In a recent leadership workshop at Seton Hall University, entrepreneur, motivational speaker and author, John Gallucci, filled the room with excitement and passion as he inspired his audience of future leaders.  His message was powerful and simple: Believe in yourself and your infinite possibilities and have a relentless self-commitment to never, ever to give up. Knowing your mission, passion and what you love to do, he said, are the keys to a highly successful  and happy life. He shared six essential elements that powerfully capture the ‘how’ of achieving that success: preparation, risk and sacrifice, networking and relationships, doing what others won’t, investing in our team and people and learning from mistakes.

He asked his audience: “Are you able?” What able-ities make you able?” His beautiful response to the latter question was a list of able-ities: adaptable, accountable, absorbable, capable, employable, impressionable, knowledgeable, marketable, presentable and valuable. These are the game changers that great leaders possess that not just tell people their dreams, but show them the realities of their dreams. He captured his own recipe for personal success in his words: “I have done what others have not. I can do what others could not. I will do what others will not.” In his concluding remarks, Gallucci cautioned the team: “If you don’t build a dream, someone else will hire you to help them build theirs.

Dream your dreams! Build them into extraordinary realities. May you also passionately and proudly say: “I have done what others have not. I can do what others could not. I will do what others will not.” Choose to be more than you ever dreamed you could be… and more… so much more.

Have a beautiful day and a magnificent week!!!

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  1. Pat G says:

    Great stuff. “…or others will hire you to build their dream.” As true as it gets.

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