Lessons from the Planarian Worm

In a New York Times article about the planarian flatworm, great leaders find inspiration about the power of the indomitable human spirit. The planarian flatworm is found globally. It has the unique ability to grow back its body parts. “You can chop off it head, and it will grow back in about a week — eyes, brain and all. And you can hack away at the critter until all that’s left is a tiny speck of worm dust — and the thing will still grow back.”

Great leaders share this same gift of rejuvenation. Their passion and love of life is ceaseless. Their positivity fuels their unending pursuit of joy, happiness, learning and their life’s purpose. They, like the planarian, will say: “Take something from me, and I will grow it back.” Relentless, they choose to live life’s fullness in every moment.

Roger Bannister, runner of the first sub-four-minute mile, wrote: “The human spirit is indomitable. No one can ever say you must not run faster than this or jump higher than that. There will never be a time when the human spirit will not be able to better existing records.”  May this spirit, too, fill your life’s journey. May it be absent of complaints, worries, whining and complaining which drain the spirit. It is this inner conviction and strength through which you will continuously renew and refresh your life. Remember always the words of Thomas Edison: “When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this: you haven’t.” Life is so very, very good. Be ceaseless. Be indomitable. Be more than you ever dreamed you could be… and more… so much more.

Have a beautiful day and a magnificent and wondrous week!!!

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