A Leaders One Word of Advice… and a Request for Your Advice

In his recent blog post, My One Word of Advice – V3.1, Dan Rockwell shares the responses he received from leaders to the question: “What advice would you give if you could only give one word of advice?” Their responses were:

“View the success of those you lead by the value they provide to the organization, not the amount of time they ‘put in’ each day.”
“When you want to be critical of others, critique yourself first.”
“Practice humility, because it can open doors, soften resistance and create solutions that would not otherwise be possible.” 
“Operate with integrity and sincerity.  It may not always feel like it in the moment but staying on the high road will eventually take you where you need to be.”
“Show up, lift up and never give up. Speak greatness into people and situations. Give trust.”
“Manage your energy and that of your team.”
“My mentor told me, ‘No one is going to pin a rose on you just for doing your job.’  His point was work smarter, not harder – focus effort on where I can get the biggest return or gain for the business.  Stop trying to do it all.  Be careful about letting others pile their priorities on you.”

Their advice can be summarized in the following: the need for the leaders’ self-knowledge, living their ethical principles and values, a selfless serving of others, practicing humility, never giving up and knowing their purpose and priorities. Life provides great and beautiful experiential learning that can serve others as they progress successfully on their journey.

A humble request to our Three Minute Leadership Family: “What advice would you give if you could only give one word of advice?” I would love to hear your thoughts and share them in one of our weekly notes. If you choose to, please let me know if you would like your name with your advice or leave it anonymous. I look forward to your advice that others may grow… to be more than they ever dreamed they could be… and more… so much more.

Have a beautiful day and a magnificent week!!!

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