Lessons from Cows and Buffalos

In his blog post, Be the Buffalo and Face Life’s Storms, Rory Vaden shares a metaphor on the learnings that the actions of cows and buffalos bring to great leaders in how they react during storms.

Growing up in eastern Colorado where storms come from the west to east, Vaden writes, he noticed that when a storm approached, the slow-moving cows would move east to retreat from the storms. The storm would eventually catch-up and run along with them increasing the duration of this unpleasant experience. His question: “Isn’t that stupid?” Buffalos, he writes, take a uniquely different approach. When faced with an oncoming storm, they run into it, thereby minimizing their exposure to its impact.

In this simple story, Vaden finds a timeless metaphor for great leaders – the “how” great leaders choose to address their professional or personal storms… avoid and run away or confront and deal with them. Are you a cow or a buffalo? Be that mighty buffalo who courageously confronts the storm, finds learning in running (and dancing) in the rain and enjoys the beautiful sunshine and rainbows that follow.

Have a beautiful day and a magnificent week!!!

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