On Getting a Bigger Frying Pan – the Power of Expectations

In a recent Minute with Maxwell blog, John Maxwell speaks to great leaders of the importance of creating a bigger world of expectations in their professional and personal life. He brings this thought to life in the story of an older and younger man fishing in a pond.

While fishing, the older man was watching the younger fisherman who was throwing the larger fish that he caught back in the water while keeping the smaller fish. He was intrigued by this and asked the younger fisherman why he was not keeping the bigger fish. The young fisherman replied saying that he only had a seven inch frying pan.

Maxwell states that people with seven inch frying pans “never can get bigger than the world that they have created for themselves…. Throw that frying pan away,” he suggests. “Get a bigger world. Get around bigger people. Get bigger experiences. Get bigger exposure.”  This ‘getting bigger’ will generate greater expectations of your life and all the possibilities it holds for you. May you get a bigger frying pan – an enormous one – one that will allow you to fill your life with richness, learning, prosperity and happiness beyond your wildest dreams. Life is so very, very good.

Have a beautiful day and a magnificent week!!!

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