Who Will You Be Today?

In his blog post, Daily Discipline, Brian Kight writes of No More Waiting. He reminds great leaders that each day is another building block, another step, in achieving their outstanding life’s purpose and meaning. It is not just another day. It is more… so much more.

When you think of today as just another in your life, it becomes a block of time to get through. When you think of life as a stacking of your days, today becomes the most important one.
Today is not only a chance to live at your best, it is your best chance to create more of what you desire. Choose your intention, align with your purpose, and pursue it with skill today.
Discipline is the shortcut. Do the work.

The great leaders’ positivity and passion are found in their daily quest to see and realize another precious morsel which adds another fragment to their life’s mosaic. They understand that who they are and what they have achieved is the result of a lifetime of days that they have been meticulously sculpted. They relish the joy in adding to it and embellishing its beauty. Fana Gueye reminds us: “A typical day is the building block of your life. Want to change your life? Start by changing the way you spend your typical day.” May you choose to make each day of your extraordinary journey another masterpiece of purpose, commitment, caring and love. May you begin that step each day with the words: “I will passionately and excitedly live this day to its fullest… and more.”  The choice is in your hands. Life is so very good.

Please take care, and may you and your families be safe and well.

Have a beautiful day and a magnificent week!!!

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