On Choices… the Hinges of Destiny

Every step in life’s journey involves a choice. Every choice determines our future direction. Every choice has consequences. Denis Waitley captures this beautifully writing: “A sign of wisdom and maturity is when you come to terms with the realization that your decisions cause your rewards and consequences. You are responsible for your life and your ultimate success depends on the choices you make.” Putting this in perspective, Edwin Markham writes: “Choices are the hinges of destiny.”

The great leaders’ skills, talents and knowledge are powerful, invaluable valuable tools through which their leadership is accomplished. J.K. Rowling writes, however, there is more: “It is our choices… that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” May the richness and value of your choices be founded on your life’s principles and values, purpose and meaning. And, as Nelson Mandela counsels great leaders: “May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.” Choose wisely; choose well. May your choices show the world who you truly are.

Have a beautiful day and a magnificent week!!!

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