The Joy and Beauty of Each Day

John O’Donohue wrote: “Each day is the field of brightness where the invitation to life unfolds… written into its mystery are the happenings sent to awaken and challenge us.” O’Donohue’s words give great leaders pause to think about this daily invitation. What are the happenings sent to awaken and challenge them? What are the offerings each new day gives in achieving their life’s purpose and meaning while also deepening the joy, beauty and fullness of each precious moment?

The great leaders’ chosen responses take many forms in their excited acceptance of this daily invitation:

Completing or improving on yesterday’s work
Finding life-changing opportunities and new beginnings
Opportunities to make a difference, touch a heart, change someone’s life forever
Living with gratitude for all that is given to them
Discovering new strengths… and areas for growth
Better understanding of the richness, beauty and joy of life’s diversity in all its forms
Learning more that they don’t know what they don’t know
Finding new reasons to be happy in the things they do and the people they know
Chances to meet someone or do something that will change their life forever

As you open your eyes each morning, with joyous optimism, may you feel the elation and excitement of the invitation the day offers. May you embrace it with passion and intentionality and choosing to live each precious moment to its fullest. At the end of each day, may you look back and, with a joyous smile, say quietly: “No regrets. I lived this day to its fullest and my best is yet to come.”

Have a beautiful day and a magnificent week!!!

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