On the Value and Joy of Challenging Yourself

In his recent blog, Challenge Yourself, John Maxwell suggests to great leaders that they go beyond the daily challenges they receive from others and challenge themselves. He says: “You know your strengths. You know your dreams. You know your heart. So why don’t you sit down and reflect for a moment and ask yourself: what do I really want to accomplish that I haven’t accomplished yet?” His words are intentionally deeply personal as they suggest a movement from the outside in. He proposes: “Say, I need to challenge me because here is what I feel and here is what I believe. When you challenge yourself, you’re challenging yourself in an area that is close to your heart and it’s who you are.”

While challenges from the outside are important to the great leaders’ growth and development, personal challenges push them more directly to stretch beyond their perceived limits. Self-challenge is a movement from what other people think you should be doing to what is important and valuable to you. It is a path to a deeper self-knowledge in achieving their life’s purpose and meaning.

May you pause each morning and hear Maxwell’s words: ”Ask yourself, what do I need to do today to challenge me to reach my potential, fulfill my strengths and the purpose I have in my life.” Think deeply about all you have accomplished, your gifts, the impact your life has on those you touch and serve, the areas that still need growth. There is always something more to add to the splendor and richness of the magnificent you. Your best is yet to come… and it will because you choose it to be so. Challenge yourself and challenge those whom you serve to challenge themselves. As Joshua Marine writes: “Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.”

Have a beautiful day and a magnificent week!!!

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