On the Power and Magic of Being Vulnerable

Leo Christopher tells great leaders: “Vulnerability is the essence of connection, and connection is the essence of existence.” In his recent podcast interview on Player Networking Event (PNE), Quentin (Q) Williams speaks about the power of vulnerability, a  magical and crucial cornerstone in connecting and relationships.

Vulnerability, for many in society,” Williams says, “is considered a weakness… but it’s really a strength because you are relieving yourself of shame…. It takes a burden of shame off our shoulders. It’s simple. The way you allow yourself to be vulnerable is to just tell your story. Anything that will bring some humanness to you, it now connects you. And that’s the power of vulnerability. Vulnerability will change everything.”

When we open ourselves to others, they will begin to see the richness and gifts we have to offer. It opens to them the window of who we are, what we value and represent and how much we may be similar in our beliefs and values. It is a magical transparency that invites openness and sharing, peeling back others’ perception of us. The unexplained is now open to understanding because we revealed who we are.

Melissa Joyce writes: “This is the beautiful and terrifying thing about vulnerability. We must be willing to completely reveal layers of ourselves in order to reach an authentic, tangible connection with another soul.” Brene Brown adds, “Daring greatly means the courage to be vulnerable. It means to show up and be seen. To ask for what you need. To talk about how you’re feeling. To have the hard conversations.“

Vulnerability takes great courage. Your openness becomes that beautiful, magical and magnetizing connecting link to all whom you meet and serve. You are human in all your magnificence. Gary Burnison, CEO, Korn Ferry, writes, “Developing relationships with others—being human—compels us to be vulnerable and authentic,”

May you always remember Rumi’s gentle counsel, “Take off the mask. Your face is glorious.” Be vulnerable and enjoy an undreamed of journey of new connections and relationships. It is a magical key for you to change the world and the lives of those whom you touch and serve.

Happy Valentine’s Day and have a beautiful day and a magnificent week!!!

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  1. Jos fennelly says:

    A deeply insightful analysis of authentic and lived reality. To be perfect is to be dead. Thank you Michael

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