Great Leaders SEE Things Differently

In his recent blog post, Leaders SEE things DIFFERENTLY, Ryan Walter, former professional ice hockey center, Stanley Cup winner, motivational speaker and author, writes of the power and magic of SEEing in the lives of great leaders. He begins with a story of his experience that he and his wife had on a shuttle bus at an airport during a recent trip.

Jenn and I were being transferred by a shuttle bus from landing in Pearson Airport (Toronto, Canada) to the terminal where we would clear customs and exit the airport. The bus was packed full of people and a number of elderly people were standing right next to us. Two feet away from them sat a well-dressed lady who had decided to place her bag on the seat next to where she was seated. During this 10-Minute shuttle trip she never once offered to move her bag, (she just looked out the window,) so that the elderly lady standing next to her could be more comfortable. Her bag was more important than humanity. She decided not to SEE.

The story captures a real life example of the differentiating value that SEEing can provide in the great leader’s journey. Walter writes:

We believe that every team has 3 general types of players: ME players, WE players and SEE players. Through hard work, practice, growth and resilience, SEE players have developed a different frame, a different sight-line, a different way to SEE things.

SEE players are your effective leaders. They SEE people doing great work and thank them. They SEE the better future. They SEE their desired future-self. They SEE the clear path forward for their team. They SEE differently. Leadership is not always about being a hero, but it is always about SEEing the opportunities to create HERO moments for others. Great leaders SEE people differently!

Walter asks: “WHAT and WHO will you and I choose to SEE differently this week?” May you continually open your eyes to SEEing the joy, beauty and learning each moment of life offers. Let actions follow your vision as you create new possibilities for your personal and professional growth and the development of those whom you serve. May you remember Marcel Proust’s wise counsel: “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” Be a SEE player and change the world!

Have a beautiful day and a magnificent week!!!

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