Your Greatest Investment

Time’s fragility and preciousness is well-known to those who value, love and treasure life. Its reminders surround us – on clocks, phones and the calendar’s weeks, months and years. The reminders are also observed in our own lives and the lives of others – marriages, births, anniversaries, graduations and in the passing of loved ones. Time’s passing is inescapable. We want to make the most of it. In planning for our future, we question how we will spend the precious time we have remaining.

Stephen Covey suggests, however, a changed mindset in our question, “The key is in not spending time, but investing in it.” The question now becomes “how will we invest in our time?” It is a change in value proposition from simply doing to investing to add greater value. It is a commitment to ourselves to truly live every day of our life to its fullest. Seth Godin captures this, writing, “We’re not in a race to check off as many boxes as we possibly can before we are out of time. Instead, we have the chance to use the time to create moments that matter. Because they connect us, because they open doors, because the moments, added up, create a life.”

May we passionately take that chance, create moments that matter and create a life of absolute fulfillment, joy and wonder… for ourselves and those whom we touch and serve. It will be our life’s greatest investment!

Have a beautiful day and a magnificent week!!!

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