Sometime Later Becomes Never

In his recent blog post, John Maxwell speaks of “sometime”, the word we often use is our planning to do something. He suggests that our use of “sometime” in our thinking, doing this or that sometime, we allow it to take precedent over our planning and we are not doing those things we plan now at this time. “Sometime,” he says, “becomes comfort food to the emotions.” We relax in the thought that ‘sometime I am going to do that.’ There is no action, no real commitment, just the silent quiet of procrastination. He cautions against this, however, with the joyous possibility that “the sometime out there will give them the reward they want in life.”

Maxwell says, “Sometime is no time to believe in…. Sometime, somewhere, someplace, somehow robs them of what they need to do today to receive what they deserve in their life. Don’t let that happen to you.” May you turn your magical sometimes into the realities you do now, always remembering sometimes later becomes never. May you realize your joys, not sometime, but now. Life is so very precious.

Have a beautiful day, a magnificent week and an awesome, fantastic  autumn!!!

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