We Can’t Do It Alone

In his recent blog post, Leaders Find Accountability Partners to Help Them Cement New Habits, Larry Center speaks to the importance of accountability partners in life’s journey.They are those wonderful friends, coaches, mentors and others who provide you “with tough love, wise feedback and compassionate caring” in your continuing growth and development. Center describes them as:

    • Someone who believes in our aspirations
    • Someone who believes in our capabilities
    • Someone who trusts us and who we trust
    • Someone with whom we can communicate on a regular basis
    • Someone who is willing to hold us accountable and tell us the truth
    • Someone who we can be truthful with regarding our feelings and our hopes
    • Someone who will not think any less of us if and when we fall down and who can help us get back up

These are the beautiful people who have your back in your continued journey to be more than you ever dreamed you could be. Charles Stanley writes, “An accountability partner is able to perceive what you can’t see when blind spots and weaknesses block your vision.” May you embrace and enjoy those in your life who see and believe in your fullest potential, take learning from them and come to find it in yourself. Your best is yet to come!

Have a beautiful day and a magnificent week!!!

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