There Is Only One You

Each of us is a unique piece in the infinite universe’s mosaic. There is only one of us. How we see the world is the unique gift we bring to the world. We are beautifully and singularly different. An unknown author wrote, “The universe is filled with countless stars, each star has an important place in the universe, they are unique. Like a star, every single person has a special place in this world. Every one of us, no matter who we are is equally important, simply because we are all a shining star in someone’s life and universe.” Just as the billions of planets are unique, so are we. Harold Becker tells us, “Life is a cosmic unfolding, and we are here to add our unique loving energy.”

May your unique loving energy and the radiance of your light shine brightly and fill you and the lives of others. You are so beautifully and amazingly different in this entire universe, a piece that can never be replicated, and one that is needed to complete its full picture. There will never be another you. May you live your life to its fullest. Push your boundaries and perceived limits to discover the incredible gifts within you. Do it daringly and boldly as you remember Anthony Rapp’s wise counsel, “There is only one you for all time. Fearlessly be yourself.”

Have a beautiful day and a magnificent week!!!

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