On the Value of “What Ifs”

What ifs’ are viewed by some as stumbling blocks to action, concern about a road not taken, or the belief that they don’t matter and wouldn’t change anything. They become a continuing hesitancy in the search for something better, a wishful alternative to a current reality.

Yet, for great leaders, they are opportunities and contingencies for planning for the unexpected, ‘what if’ scenarios. They provide a magical playground for exploring and venturing beyond their comfort zones and perceived limits. What if I do this? What if I take this new path? What if I make this dream a reality? The doors open, a fire is lit and the world changes. These are the beautiful steps from the ‘what now’ to the ‘what can be.’

And on your magnificent journey of selfless giving and serving, may you hear Sourabh Kaushik’s wise counsel, “In the world of IFS and Buts, be someone’s NO MATTER WHAT!.”

Have a beautiful day and a magnificent week!!!

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