On Learning to Fly

Trapeze artists teach much about our continuing and passionate pursuit of achieving your life’s purpose and meaning. They teach you to fly – to let go of one of your life’s trapezes to get to another. Your continued growth and development requires you to let go of things that hold you back; to let go of the ‘what is’ and to grasp the ‘what can be.’ It is that moment of flight that takes you to new ways of seeing, being and doing. It is that joyous embrace of more of your limitless gifts that you daringly choose to find and realize. Les Brown said, “Life’s has no limitations except the ones that you make.” Your moments on the trapeze are your magical escape from those limitations.

An unknown author wrote, “When you find the courage to let go of the known and embrace the void, you can finally learn to fly.” May you fly with passion and daring from one trapeze to another during your magnificent life’s journey. In those moments of preparation, may you remember Dinabandhu Sarley’s words about the world of the trapeze, “Without letting go, there is no show.” May you make the days and moments of your life magnificent… undreamed of shows of the beautiful and extraordinary you. May your letting go and holding on be one of your greatest strengths. Remember always, you have to let go to fly… and grab that next trapeze.

Have a beautiful day and a magnificent week!!!

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