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Welcome to Three Minute Leadership!

These notes are humble, inspirational contributions to the continuous learning of highly effective and successful leaders. They provide the whispers of rejuvenation, the calls to action, the reflective pauses that create new understanding and insights, the gentle reminders of the basics of life and leadership, the continuous heralding of the power and gift of choice in one’s purpose and meaning and the encouragement, excitement and motivation to be “more than they ever dreamed they could be … and more … so much more.”

Three Minute Leadership notes serve to instill a mindset of flexibility, adaptability, imagination and resilience in great leaders through a generous sharing of the narratives, insights, ideas of perspectives of other great leaders. They address the broad spectrum of leadership: self-discovery and knowledge, visioning, goal setting, attitudes, behaviors and actions that great leaders embrace. The notes provide great leaders their own rich supply of stories, metaphors and quotes which they will use to teach others as they pass on their own unique learnings and experiences to those whom they serve.

These notes are published each Sunday to be the inspirational stepping stone to the great leaders’ weekly journey – that positive thought, attitude or belief they carry with them throughout their week. Some will serve to reinforce the great leader’s current learning and experiences; and others that will open up their eyes to a new world of possibilities. And yet there will be others that will be life-changing as they will touch a chord – at that certain moment, at that certain time – and a life will be changed forever.

May you find these things and more among the Three Minutes Leadership notes.

Mike Reuter

7 Responses to About TML

  1. Eric SoHayda says:

    I look forward to the TML emails every week! Keep up the great work Mike!

  2. I referred TML to my daughter, FelicityAnnAdams AT gmail DOT com. She should be on your emails.
    Keep on Keepin’ On

  3. Mike, I had not been getting your old emails and stumbled upon this on LinkedIn. So glad to see you taking the blogging route, and I look forward to becoming a new subscriber.

  4. Addie Cinquino says:

    Mike, I just subscribed to TML and look forward to receiving the weekly emails! Keep inspiring!

  5. Eugene Siskoske says:


    I subscribed to your blog today! I am looking forward to all the content you will share in 2019 and beyond.

    Thank you,
    Eugene S.

  6. Jacqui goldberg says:

    Looking forward to your weekly posts.

  7. Athar Murtuza says:

    Keep up the good

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