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Continuous pushing oneself beyond perceived and self-imposed boundaries; overcoming obstacles and challenges to go beyond limits; going above and beyond expectations

Beyond the Bridge

A friend, a university professor, recently shared a story with me about how a mis-spoken sentence turned into a great learning and insight. Toward the end of his class, he was reviewing the course syllabus about what was ahead in … Continue reading

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Great Results Don’t Mean You Are the Best – The Value of the “Soft Stuff”

In his recent blog post, But Are You Doing Your Work?, Seth Godin reminds great leaders that their work is more than simply achieving a goal. He writes: “A doctor might think her job is to cure diseases. But, in … Continue reading

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On the Value and Joy of Challenge

Mark Twain tells great leaders: “The ability to find solutions to life’s challenges is what makes us grow as a person.” Leaders emerge from and grow from challenges. Greater strength and determination are the natural outcomes of these challenges/trials. Challenges … Continue reading

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Don’t Just…

“The only way of finding the limits of the possible is going beyond them into the impossible” writes Arthur Clarke. It is this that differentiates great leader from their peers taking them from just meeting expectations to delivering the extraordinary, from … Continue reading

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“I Hope You Will be Treated Unfairly”

In his June 2016 commencement speech at his son’s graduation from a small boarding school for grades six through nine, Chief Justice John Roberts shared with the students the immense value of learning that can be found, if  one chooses, … Continue reading

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The Lesson of the Butterfly

In his story, The Lesson of the Butterfly, Paulo Coelho reminds great leaders of the importance and value of struggle in their growth and development. A man spent hours watching a butterfly struggling to emerge from its cocoon. It managed … Continue reading

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On Letting Go to Become What I Might Be

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be” wrote Lao Tzu. It is in these beautiful and joyous moments of letting go that great leaders find the joy and excitement of renewal – the … Continue reading

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Rut or Groove – When All Is Going Well, Are You in a Rut or a Groove?

The paths of great leaders are etched with the marks of the ruts and grooves that arise on their life’s journey.  The ruts and grooves appear similar at times, but the journey that accompanies them is vastly different. Herein lies … Continue reading

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On Barnacles

William Henley wrote: “I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.”  Such beautiful, powerful and inspiring words for great leaders who are captains of their lives. In his recent blog post, hockey great Ryan … Continue reading

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On the Other Side of Terror… the Best Things in Life

“On the other side of your maximum fear are all of the best things of life.” Will Smith speaks these words in his video, Will Smith Talks About Fear, in which he shares his first skydiving experience: “Terror, terror, terror, … Continue reading

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