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On the Value of the Stupid Pill

In a Blue Bloods TV episode, Garret Moore, the public information officer to the Commissioner says: “A wise woman told me that anytime I started to doubt my abilities I should take a stupid pill. Because then I could believe … Continue reading

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Be the One…

“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are” writes Joseph Campbell. With this privilege comes the great leaders’ beautiful and awesome responsibility to define who they are and who they will become in all their magnificent complexity and wonder. … Continue reading

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Leadership Is Not a Race

In his recent blog post, It’s Not a Race, Seth Godin gives greater depth and meaning to the great leaders’ understanding of “winning” and “being a winner.” Some things are races, but not many. A race is a competition in which the point … Continue reading

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Lessons fom the Water Ouzel

What can great leaders learn from a simple bird like the water ouzel?  According to Steve Goodier, a lot.  In a blog post, When You’re in a Cement Mixer, he writes: “If you ever feel as if you are being knocked about by life, … Continue reading

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A Lesson on “How Not to Hit the Wall”

A friend recently shared a story about his friend’s race-car driving experience, and the lesson his friend learned. A friend of mine took a course teaching race-car driving on a circuit track. The main lesson he said he learned was … Continue reading

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The Law of Small Differences

In his recent blog, Philip Humbert, author and motivational speaker, shares his Law of Small Differences.  It is the small differences in ordinary things that make extraordinary leaders.  It is they who put in that little extra time and effort to accomplish … Continue reading

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How to Lead When You Are Not in Charge

In their Harvard Business Review Blog, How to Lead When You’re Not in Charge, Gary Hamel and Polly LaBarre share their thoughts on “the attributes of individuals who can inspire others and multiply their impact.” They are seers — individuals who are … Continue reading

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The Only Difference That Really Matters

“The major difference between high achievers and average folks has nothing to do with education or talent, gender or genetics or luck” writes Philip Humbert, leadership author and coach. “The only difference that really matters in terms of results and … Continue reading

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What’s Next?

In his  Kabbalah Center International Weekly Tune-Up Yehuda Berg speaks to great leaders about the importance of always looking forward, of taking action and not resting on their laurels.  He writes: A car commercial recently caught my attention. While showcasing … Continue reading

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Three Minute Leadership: the Power of Encouragement

What a fantastic feeling it is to have someone  give you encouragement – to move you “over a threshold that you may not have crossed on your own” as John O’Donohue writes.   We all  have experienced the power of encouragement and … Continue reading

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