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If Serving Is Below You, Leadership is Beyond You

In their book, Servant Leadership in Action, Ken Blanchard and Renee Broadwell have collected an incredible collection of essays by prominent writers on the subject of servant leadership. Simon Sinek, in his essay, The Evolution of Servant Leadership, suggests that … Continue reading

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A New View of Hope

So often we hear people say the words: “I hope that I….” To those words is an immediate response from great leaders: “Hope is not a plan.” These words beg a call for action – to move from simply wishing … Continue reading

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On Macro Patience and Micro Speed

Leo Tolstoy writes: “The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.” The patience of which he speaks is not passive. Rather, it is a bold and active acceptance of what will be required to achieve a dream, goal or … Continue reading

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Words from Tecumseh

In his beautiful and inspiring poem, Native American Shawnee Chief, Tecumseh, offered great leaders wise counsel on living a rich and meaningful life.  So live your life that the fear of death can never enter your heart. Trouble no one … Continue reading

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On the Value of the Stupid Pill

In a Blue Bloods TV episode, Garret Moore, the public information officer to the Commissioner says: “A wise woman told me that anytime I started to doubt my abilities I should take a stupid pill. Because then I could believe … Continue reading

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The Twelve Laws of Karma

Karma is the Sanskrit word for action.  Great leaders know the meaning of this magical and elegant word as the law of cause and effect or, as Isaac Newton’s third Law of Motion states: “For every action there is an … Continue reading

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The Law of Expansion

In his book, The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, John Maxwell shares his Law of Expansion – how great leaders increase their thinking capacity and their capacity for action, how they grow and learn to stretch their limits. He begins … Continue reading

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On the Importance of Being in Great Leadership

Speaking of his cutting-edge approach to leadership, The Being A Leader And The Effective Exercise Of Leadership Course, Werner Erhard suggests an ontological or being perspective of leadership – “leadership as a natural self-expression” – being a leader in every aspect of your life.   It is … Continue reading

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Creating Lollipop Moments

In his TED Talk, Leading with Lollipops, Drew Dudley, suggests that leadership be redefined in terms of lollipop moments – “a moment where someone said something or did something that you feel fundamentally made your life better.“ Dudley believes that leadership is sometimes perceived … Continue reading

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On Talking to Yourself

How did a man in his fifties complete two triathlons back to back? How did he do it six times? What was it that gave him the drive, fortitude and mindset to accomplish these incredible feats?  In his blog post, The Best … Continue reading

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