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The Gift of You

“One of the greatest gifts you can give to anyone is the gift of attention” wrote Jim Rohn. Hannah Brencher said, “The best gift you are ever going to give someone – the permission to feel safe in their own … Continue reading

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On Promises

Lou Holtz said: “Don’t promise more that you can deliver, but always deliver more than you promise.” A promise creates expectation, hope and anticipation. It is a verbal commitment to someone with your name behind it. It creates trust in … Continue reading

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On Greatness

Kobe Bryant was once asked: “What is your definition of greatness?” In his beautiful simplicity and humanity, he said: “I think the definition of greatness is to inspire the people next to you. I think that’s what greatness is or … Continue reading

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A Life Built on Challenge

It is inevitable that the lives of great leaders are filled with great challenges. Albert Camus speaks to great leaders of those moments: “In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.” These … Continue reading

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John Wooden’s Reflections on Leadership

John Wooden, legendary basketball coach, is well known and remembered for his short inspirational messages. Despite their brevity, his words were rich and deep in their wisdom.  They enter the eye or ear and then set fire to the mind, … Continue reading

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On Character

Great leaders know that character is the essence of all that they are. It is their cornerstone and statement of their life, and heard and seen in their words and actions. It is character that builds the trust and respect … Continue reading

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On the Power of Feelings

In his Inc. blog post, This Email From Elon Musk to Tesla Employees Is a Master Class in Emotional Intelligence, Justin Bariso shares a magnificent picture of a role model act of emotional intelligence, words and actions by Elon Musk. … Continue reading

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Wisdom of John Wooden for Great Leaders

John Wooden’s life continues to be a magnificent inspiration to great leaders. May each of us pause a few brief moments to reflect on his words that we may find in them a gift, a learning – one that will … Continue reading

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The Value of an Adversity Manifesto

In his article, What Not to Do in Adversity: A Lesson From the Notre Dame Football Scandal, Scott Mautz shares the reaction of Brian Kelly, Notre Dame football Coach, to an NCAA decision. The NCAA determined that a “former student athletic trainer committed … Continue reading

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Leadership Learnings from Golf

Life, in all its beautiful richness and breadth, continuously provides lessons in great leadership. The game of golf is no exception. Sara Doell, Coach of Seton Hall’s Women’s Golf Team, three time Big East Coach of the year and LPGA National Coach … Continue reading

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