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On Good, Better, Best… the Great Leader’s Unending Journey to Greatness

Good, better, best – beautiful stepping stones in the great leader’s continuing growth and development. Each step is both a beginning and ending point, a movement from the ‘as is’ to the ‘what can be’. The ‘best’, itself, is not … Continue reading

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What Lies Behind Points to What Lies Ahead

In his recent blog post, What Lies Behind Points to What Lies Ahead, Dan Rockwell focuses on the value of our past life as the source of valuable learning in building an extraordinary future. Rockwell writes: “Pushing away a painful … Continue reading

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Rising Above the Need to Be Needed

In his blog post, How to Inspire Others to Fly, Dan Rockwell shares his thoughts on “what makes helping helpful” in the great leaders’ development of those whom they serve. His message and conclusion is: “Effective helping includes rising above … Continue reading

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The Lesson of the Butterfly

In his story, The Lesson of the Butterfly, Paulo Coelho reminds great leaders of the importance and value of struggle in their growth and development. A man spent hours watching a butterfly struggling to emerge from its cocoon. It managed … Continue reading

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On Barnacles

William Henley wrote: “I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.”  Such beautiful, powerful and inspiring words for great leaders who are captains of their lives. In his recent blog post, hockey great Ryan … Continue reading

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Like Riding a Bike

In his recent blog post, Like Riding a Bike, Seth Godin provides great leaders a powerful insight and reminder of their journey of leadership growth and development – experiential learning… learning through doing. Like Riding a Bike People talk about … Continue reading

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Turning the Playing Field into a Practice Field

At HR.com’s recent Lead2016 Conference Jim Kouzes reminded great leaders of the critical importance of their personal responsibility and commitment to self-development. In the sport world, he said, athletes all know that to maintain their basic level of performance, a certain number of hours of daily … Continue reading

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Leader as Mentor

In a recent blog, Peter Drucker’s 9 Functions of a Mentor,  Dan Rockwell captures the great leader’s responsibility to grow and develop others – to see in others what they do not see, their incredible gifts, talents and potential, and help … Continue reading

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Exceptional Leaders and Their Choices

Eleanor Roosevelt wrote about choices in these words: “One’s philosophy is not best expressed in words; it is expressed in the choices one makes… and the choices we make are ultimately our responsibility.” What we believe is what we do.  … Continue reading

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Choosing to Be Formidable

Seth Godin in his recent blog post, Choosing to be Formidable, describes an exciting portrait of great leaders, formidable men and women who create lightning, challenge beliefs, looks for new possibilities and lives with passion – the stuff of greatness. … Continue reading

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