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The Magnificence of Leadershifts

A part of the excitement and joy in the daily life of great leaders is their continuing drive to go beyond the familiarity, peace and quiet of their comfort zone to stretch themselves to find something more – to do … Continue reading

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A Life of Possibilities

The lives of great leaders are collages of dreams accomplished. The dreams were once only possibilities the world saw as impossible. Let us take a few brief moments to reflect on the thoughts of other great leaders about impossibilities. “There … Continue reading

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Inspired in the Face of the Impossible

In an episode of the Grey’s Anatomy TV show, the character Isaac, in the face of asking a surgeon to operate on a seemingly inoperable tumor, says: “… there is always a way when things look like there’s no way. There’s a … Continue reading

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Nothing Is Written

In the movie, Lawrence of Arabia, there is an unforgettable scene when Lawrence returns from his journey across the Nefud desert.  Lawrence was attempting to take the Turkish port of Aqaba from the rear.  It was considered an impossible undertaking.  Having … Continue reading

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Be the Change You Wish to See in the World… Because You Can

Nelson Mandela was an extraordinary and magnificent man.  Being that man he was, that he chose to be, was his gift and legacy in life. From his being flowed great doing – achievements that have changed the world and the … Continue reading

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