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On Starting from Within

In his book, Everyday Greatness, Stephen Covey, writes that some of life’s greatest lessons suggest that we cannot attain success in life – personal, professional or in service of our community – until we first achieve success within ourselves. He … Continue reading

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A Leaders One Word of Advice… and a Request for Your Advice

In his recent blog post, My One Word of Advice – V3.1, Dan Rockwell shares the responses he received from leaders to the question: “What advice would you give if you could only give one word of advice?” Their responses … Continue reading

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The 10 Laws of Trust

In his article, How Smart Leaders Build Trust, Theodore Kinni writes about Joel Peterson’s, CEO JetBlue, book, The 10 Laws of Trust.  Peterson, he writes, defines trust as a “giving up of control, at some level to another person…. Trust … Continue reading

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Be-Know-Do Model of Leadership

In his blog post, Be-Know-Do, The Army’s Leadership Model, BG Allen shares the U. S. Army’s simple, but profound, leadership model, Be-Know-Do. BE – this is all about your character as a leader and is foundational to your ability to lead.  It gives you the courage … Continue reading

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The Great Leader’s Four Ways of Being

In the Insigniam Quarterly’s Disruptive Leadership Issue, Werner H. Erhard and Michael C. Jensen share their thoughts on The Four Ways of Being That Create the Foundation for Great Leadership, a Great Organization, & a Great Personal. Life. The power of their message is in their focus … Continue reading

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