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Never, Ever Give Up

“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will,” writes Mahatma Gandhi. Life is filled with challenges that sometimes test our fortitude, commitment and confidence. For a moment, we quietly reflect on what is not going … Continue reading

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Belief’s Magical Key to Your Greatest Potential

“What potential is lying dormant in you that could be released if you chose to believe in yourself and your abilities?” asks Jack Canfield in his book, The Success Principles. Believing in yourself is the magical key you hold to … Continue reading

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Peace and Love to You and Yours

It is that wonderful time of year again when the holiday spirit fills our mind and heart, and gently moves us, for the moment, away from the hectic pace of our lives and the world we experience now. Yes, this … Continue reading

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The 5 Things the Most Successful People Refuse to Believe

“If you want to achieve differently, first you need to believe differently” writes Jeff Haden in his article, 5 Things the Most Successful People Refuse to Believe. In his writing Hayden brings additional depth to the idea that “what we think is what we are” … Continue reading

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Three Minute Leadership: Owning Your Dream

We will never succeed if we don’t believe in ourself! That is one of the beautiful and wisdom-filled learnings that John Maxwell relates in his recent book, Put Your Dream to the Test – 10 Questions to Help You See … Continue reading

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