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On the Gift of Your Being Human

Great leaders are very, very human. These are men and women who, when things don’t go right, say, “I was wrong.” They don’t hold themselves up on pedestals to which people may see them as better than they are and … Continue reading

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The Limits of Our Potential Await Us

In his 2005 TED presentation, Why Did I Ski to the North Pole, Ben Saunders, pioneering polar explorer and record-breaking long-distance skier, shares his incredible journey. “It is a journey that is right at the limit of human capability,” he … Continue reading

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The Wisdom of the Ten Scrolls

Og Mandino in his book, “Greatest Salesman in the World,” recounts the legend of Hafid, a master salesman and trader who lived two thousand years ago in ancient Jerusalem.  In the book Hafid tells the story of his extraordinary success … Continue reading

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