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On the Value of “What Ifs”

‘What ifs’ are viewed by some as stumbling blocks to action, concern about a road not taken, or the belief that they don’t matter and wouldn’t change anything. They become a continuing hesitancy in the search for something better, a … Continue reading

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On Living Each Day

Timing is important, but the only time you have now is the only thing you can act on…. Today matters. We over-exaggerate yesterday, we overestimate tomorrow, but we underestimate today. It’s the only time you got.” said John Maxwell. Life … Continue reading

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The Joy and Beauty of Each Day

John O’Donohue wrote: “Each day is the field of brightness where the invitation to life unfolds… written into its mystery are the happenings sent to awaken and challenge us.” O’Donohue’s words give great leaders pause to think about this daily … Continue reading

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