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On the Importance of Culture and Its Impact – the Roots That Ensure the Harvest

Louis Gerstner, former Chairman of the Board and CEO of IBM, said: “I came to see that culture isn’t just one aspect of the game. It is the game.” Jon Gordon, in his weekly newsletter, shares his 14 Thoughts on … Continue reading

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On Commitment

“If I’m committed, there is always a way” wrote Tony Robbins. For great leaders, it is their passionate commitment to a vision, purpose, cause or goal that unlocks the possibilities of bringing them to reality. They don’t allow themselves to … Continue reading

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Management Is About Human Beings

In the final years of his life Peter Drucker, recognized as the Father of Modern Management, captured lifelong learning in his book, The Definitive Drucker. In his discussion of People and Knowledge, he begins with a statement of his life-long … Continue reading

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What Would You Stop Doing?

In his book, Hungry! Fuelling Your Best Game, hockey great Ryan Walter shares his experiences and learnings while a “hockey expert” in the Disney film, Miracle. His work with Director Gavin O’Connor provided a great insight to his leadership teachings … Continue reading

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What is Your Business?

What is your business? Who is your customer? What does the customer consider value?  Peter Drucker believed that each of these three questions need to be answered by leaders and organizations if they are to be highly effective and successful. Drucker understood … Continue reading

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A Tribute to Warren Bennis, “The Father of Leadership”

Bill George, professor of management practice at Harvard Business School and author, wrote of the passing of Warren Bennis, American scholar, organizational consultant and author: “… a giant oak has fallen with an impact felt throughout the world…. Just as … Continue reading

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Leader as Mentor

In a recent blog, Peter Drucker’s 9 Functions of a Mentor,  Dan Rockwell captures the great leader’s responsibility to grow and develop others – to see in others what they do not see, their incredible gifts, talents and potential, and help … Continue reading

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Improve or Create

Peter Drucker wrote:  “Time is the scarcest resource;  and unless it is manage, nothing else can be managed.”  Since it is the leader’s scarcest resource, this means that there will be choices, critical and surgical, on how best to continuously … Continue reading

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On Greatness – Input from Frances Hesselbein

A dear friend who receives my weekly note, Frances Hesselbein, President and CEO of the Leader to Leader Institute (founded as the Peter F. Drucker Foundation for Nonprofit Management), former CEO for the Girl Scouts of the USA and recipient of the Presidential … Continue reading

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Three Minute Leadership: Time Alone to Look Within

In a recent article, “Discover and Be Who You Are,” Philip Humbert poignantly reminds us of the critical importance of ‘time alone’ in our continuing journey of self-discovery.  Time alone provides us with those cherished, quiet moments in our lives in … Continue reading

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