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On Spending Your Life on Something That Will Outlast It

William James is a beacon of inspiration for those who dare to dream beyond the confines of mortality. He reminds us that the essence of our existence lies not in the fleeting moments, but in the everlasting imprint we leave … Continue reading

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On the Magnificent Gift of You

I humbly take this moment to remind you of something truly special and extraordinary – the gift of the magnificent you. In a universe filled with countless wonders, you are a unique and irreplaceable masterpiece. You are shaped by your … Continue reading

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On Beginnings

Every day is a new beginning. Those simple words bring excitement or dread to the possibilities the beginnings hold. William James wrote, “It is our attitude at the beginning of a difficult task which, more than anything else, will affect … Continue reading

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On the Beauty and Joy of Recognition

It was a few minutes after 7 AM when I received a phone call from a senior official at the University. There was a bright, cheery and enthusiastic voice that greeted me. She shared a kind and humbling recognition that … Continue reading

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Three Minute Leadership: On Great Expectations

Great leaders know that setting high expectations for people is a key to raising their level of performance. They don’t ask for more than what is possible; they simply set higher standards and people deliver on them – even more … Continue reading

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Three Minute Leadership: If I Had to Do It Over Again

Stephen Covey in his Seven Habits of Highly Effectively People, teaches us the habit of “First Things First” – setting our priorities and doing those things that are important.  In his book, Developing Great Leaders, John Maxwell adds a wonderful … Continue reading

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